Michal Pechardo

“This lens is a time machine.”

Recapturing a legacy.

When Michal Pechardo’s family lost every photo they had in a terrible flood, he decided to pick up a camera and make some new memories

What started as a goal to photograph his wife and kids soon grew to encompass parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and more—and as he shared the joy of a perfectly-timed candid or a family photo shoot with these loved ones, they began to remember the true, timeless power of photography.

When we migrated to the US, recording family photos was something that was really important for me, and once I started sharing photos, the family really connected with it.”

“The photos that I love most are the candid shots, my family having fun, the kids in their own world. When I capture it, I can look back and really tell how much fun they were having.”

What does your lens do?

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Photos by Andrew Tower, Michal Pechardo, Yifei Chen, Gemma Evans, Clay Banks, Christina Gottard, and Anders Jilden

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