Sapna Reddy

“This lens is my therapy.”

Wild wellness.

Being outdoors has a wealth of health benefits, and landscape photographer Sapna Reddy knows this better than most. As a full-time radiologist, she spends a lot of time in a hospital setting, and has made it her mission to bring the healing properties of the outdoors inside.

With a background in health, a passion for photography, and a deep curiosity around color theory and art therapy, Sapna uses her camera to convert stark environments into the colorful, calming, and healing spaces they should be.

As a radiologist, I’m trying to find out what’s wrong with the human body. As a photographer, I’m essentially looking for what is right. That perfect arrangement of visual elements.”

“I think [radiology and photography] compliment each other quite well. One is more intellectual. The other is more emotional. I like that balance.”

“After spending lots of time outdoors, I just felt more emotionally resilient when I returned to the hospital. And I noticed that the walls of the hospital were very harsh, we weren’t really creating an environment for healing. I think it's very important to create the right environment for the mind in order for the body to heal.”

“I went to the hospital board and asked them, ‘why don’t we display images of nature?’ and they said, ‘well, Sapna, if you want to see pictures of nature up there, why don't you go get them?’ That gave me the impetus to actually look into the concept of visual therapy—what is it that makes an image appear healing?

What does your lens do?

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Photos by Andrew Tower, Sapna Reddy, Yifei Chen, Gemma Evans, Clay Banks, Christina Gottard, and Anders Jilden