Tony Bynum

"This lens tells big stories."

Photo by Tony Bynum
Photo by Andrew Tower
The awe of the outdoors.

As a kid, seeing the world through a camera helped Tony Bynum make more sense of his environment. Blind in one eye, the frame simplified the natural world around him. Now those same spaces in nature fuel his photography. Exploring the outdoors, and capturing people on camera in their favorite outdoor places takes him right back to being a kid again. 

Tony finds power in the natural world around him and the stories that emerge from people interacting with it. From his home in Montana he uncovers the heart of humanity’s connection with earth. 

I enjoy photographing people…doing things that they enjoy in big landscapes. And connecting people with their story is what I want to spend the rest of my life doing.

Photo by Andrew Tower
Photo by Andrew Tower
Photos by Tony Bynum
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Photo by Tony Bynum

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